Monday, February 7, 2011

one thousand gifts

My friend Brittany turned me onto the book one thousand gifts by Ann Voskamp.  It encourages everyone to write down 1000 gifts/blessings.  It really takes the focus off some of the not-so-great things in your life and opens you to blessings you just weren't paying attention to.  I've been purposely looking for little blessings and taking the time to say, "Thank you, Lord."   I'm excited to look back and see what all I've documented. 

one thousand gifts

1.  Salvation-the best gift
2.  My husband -  I love him more daily
3.  Peyton - our sweet girl/dog
4.  Charlie - our cuddly little man/dog
5.  Our house - I love coming home to it everyday
6.  Our church - I love going to church and am excited for every message
7.  My pillow - it cost $70, but has been worth every penny - I sleep better and wake up without a sore neck
8.  Sunshine - my day is better all around when the sun is shining
9.  Mexican food - mmm...makes my mouth water just thinking about it
10.  Books - I really enjoy sitting down and reading a good book
11.  Cooking -it's a simple joy, but I really enjoy making a great meal
12.  Mail - I love getting the mail, especially when there's something in it for me
13.  Superbowl - I love hanging out with people watching the game, eating snack food and pizza
14.  Saturdays - the joy of doing whatever you want
15.  iPod - makes working out more tolerable


  1. okay...that was suppose to be a smily face!

  2. I'm reading this book right now, too! Do you follow her blog? Lots of good stuff!


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