Sunday, February 13, 2011

Legacy Trail

Since the weather has been great, we took the dogs to Lexington's Legacy Trail.  We only walked for about 3 miles, but we had so much fun.  We walked along a big pond, then a creek, and then got to see some horses.  We really enjoyed the peace and quiet and the beauty.  Also, everyone on the trail was so friendly -a lot of people were out.  I look like I am dressed as if it were 30 degrees instead of 55. 
 The trail is 12 miles long.  It starts downtown and ends up at the horse park outside of town.  We started at the horse park and  worked our way towards the city.  I can't wait to get back this spring, it will be gorgeous with all the daffodils, azaleas, rhododendrons, cherry blossoms, dogwoods, and pear trees.

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