Friday, July 13, 2012


I couldn't come up with a title for this post -it's just kind of random.  Nothing exciting happened this week, but I thought I'd give the grandparents a few pictures to look at.  

The little guy was supposed to be napping - at least he was having quiet time

Hud loves looking out the window

I have a barricade in front of our fireplace, but Hud still tries to get to it

Tonight Brian, Hudson, and I went to Trader Joe's and then to Chick-fil-a, but it was crazy busy.  We enjoyed looking at everyone that was dressed up - it was free meal day if you dressed up.  We ended up leaving and going to our favorite Mexican restaurant because there was no place to sit and the line was so...long.  Hudson was a major hit at the restaurant and absolutely loved the attention - such a little ham.  He smiled and jabbered at every person who looked at him.  

The only picture we took tonight 

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