Friday, July 20, 2012

Bluegrass Fair

Tonight Brian, Hudson and I went to the fair.  We met our friends Todd and Kristin and their baby Madison.  It was so much different than the 4H fair that we're used to in Indiana.  It was a lot of fun, but you could definitely tell that we were at a city fair rather than a country fair.  There weren't big barns of cows, sheep, pigs, horses, or goats or a big merchant's building, which we really missed.  I was so excited to show Hudson all the animals.  There was a small petting zoo, which was pretty cute and fun.   There were big black top walking paths, which was nice since I was wearing sandals -we're used to dirt paved paths.   We got yummy corn dogs.  I haven't had one in at least 10 years and have been craving one for such a long time.  We also split lemonade and a funnel cake.  There weren't any elephant ears, we were hoping to split one - I don't know if that's an Indiana food.  

Here's Hudson at the petting zoo.  He loved looking at the animals
Baby Kangaroo - so...cute!

 Goats coming up for food - you could feed any of the animals carrots, but we didn't buy any

This guy was convinced we had food- he was ready to come over the fence to get it

Llamas and goats


I cut myself out of this picture

Back to the petting zoo

I was careful with Hudson's fingers and toes because the goats would have easily bit them if they got too close


I loved this old tractor

Happy Guy!

These guys were fun to watch - swaying back and forth and doing tricks

Cutie pie Madison
 We didn't realize his paci was in his mouth

Take 2 without the paci - not happy!   By this time it was well after 8 pm and he usually goes to bed by 7:30,  so we knew he was close to losing it.  - Hudson was asleep in about a minute once we got in our van.

Happy again (momentarily) with a string and a balloon

Cutie chicks

Madison loved the chicks

Such a fun night!   The weather actually ended up being nice - mid 70's with high humidity and a slight breeze. 

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  1. how fun! I've never seen a cria (baby llama). why'd you cut yourself out of the picture? made me laugh because I do that sometimes too, lol. mid 70's sounds great but not the high humidity part. i would have ended up with a headache and turned into a totally mean person. I can't help it.


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