Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Indiana Day 1

Hudson and I drove up to Indiana last night.  Brian has a lot of work he needs to get done and has plans to work long days, so I decided to spend time at my parent's.  We left at 6 pm - I had high hopes that he would sleep most of the way.  He actually did okay, but only slept an hour total.  I had to pull over 3 times from 8:15 to 9:00.  Poor guy was really upset.   The third time I pulled over, I got in the back seat with him and played with him for about 15 minutes.  Thankfully he was fine the rest of the trip even though he didn't sleep.  We got to my parent's house at 10:10pm.  By the time we got everything unloaded and set up and got Hudson changed and gave him a bottle and asleep it was about 11:30pm.  Then at 3 am a huge storm woke me up (thankfully Hudson slept right through it) and lasted about an hour and a half.  Then at 5 am another quick storm blew through.  Hudson slept great - wish I had gotten more sleep.  I met a friend for lunch and took Hudson and he did great.  He was charming and so well-behaved.  
For dinner I met some girlfriends and had such a great time.  It's always so fun catching up.  I miss them so much.  My parent's watched Hudson.  
Laura holding sweet Kaitlyn (Hud's future wife)
Laura is getting married next month!!  She's glowing!   

Julie and Kaitlyn 
 love her top, such a pretty color - matches her eyes

Sheri, Kaitlyn, and Me
love the color of her top, too - looks great with her skin color
I love all these girls!  Great start to our trip!

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  1. Congrats to your friend. Will you be attending the wedding? Would be neat to see pictures.
    Woken up by storms ... awesome!!!


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