Friday, July 27, 2012

Indiana Day 4

After Hudson got up, fed, and dressed, my dad took him over to my Grandpa's house.  I had my dad take my camera to get a few pictures, but unfortunately Hudson didn't last too long before he melted down and needed a nap.
Look at Hud's wet shirt

My Grandpa is such a great guy

My Dad, Mom, Anne, and I took the kids to Kokomo Beach today

My first time here

The splash park was a hit with the kids

Me and my new nephew- Gabe - he's only 8 days old - so sweet!  I was around him for 8 hours today and he never cried.  He felt as heavy as a feather

Hudson and Jasmine

The only picture I took of Hudson and me

We were only at the park for about an hour and a half and came back to my parent's house and played

Gabe is so tiny- he's only 6 1/2 pounds and he was 1 week late
poor guy, we were probably giving him a headache

We celebrated Tylene and Jasmine's birthdays.  Tylene is 6 

Hudson loved the wrapping paper

Jasmine will be 1 next week

Dad and Gabe napping

Loved her cake

Jasmine wanted in Hudson's walker and I think Hudson was a little jealous and wanted in it, too

My parent's and all the grandchildren
My brother had to work today and showed up about 4 pm.   I didn't realize that I didn't get any pictures of him.  We had a great day!  Once again, I wish Brian could have been here, he would have enjoyed all the chaos.

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  1. what a great day, so fun! the splash park looks awesome.


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