Friday, May 7, 2010

Friday continued

This is a view out of our hotel window. It's a cute, quaint little street. Although, it's kind of noisy. We heard lots of sirens last night, but we were so exhausted that it didn't matter. We're not used to traffic noise anymore. It reminds us of when we used to live in Hamburg when we first moved to Lexington.
Brian is slightly obsessed with these water fountains around the city. He's dying to try one of them, but I keep telling him that I'm afraid he might get Hepatitis.

Trevi Fountain. It was packed tonight. I'm sure it is packed every night.

At the Spanish Steps. So amazing at night. The azaleas are still partially in bloom and look amazing.

Alley way looking down from the Spanish Steps
A nice American couple took this picture for us.

We ended up taking a two hour nap this afternoon. It was much needed. We then went right back out. We started at Piazza del Popolo and Spanish Steps. We then walked down to Trevi Fountain and the Pantheon again. We ended up eating at a great little restaurant called Leonardo Pizzeria. I had spaghetti and Brian had pesto linguini, both were so good and then we got some more gelato. Trevi Fountain in the evening is amazing! Maybe my favorite spot in Rome. We planned our hotel spot perfectly. We are very close to the Metro, less than 5 min away and only 15 min walk to the Coliseum. We've had two great days so far. I had to buy razors today. I didn't want to bring them to save room, well, that was dumb. That was dumb! They ended up costing me about $7. Also, my straightner and curling iron don't get very hot with our adaptor, so I'm going to have to start wearing my hair curly from now on.

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  1. Oh, Ashley (and Brian)!! Thank you soooo much for posting this trip! David and I are re-living our vacation through your blog. So glad that you are enjoying all of the sights. We loved Rome--so many great things to do. My favorite was the Pantheon, just because it was so fascinating, and David loved the Colliseum. Also, David says go ahead and drink from the fountain--he did it (but not in Rome)
    So happy for you guys. By the way, didn't know you had a blog--love it!! Thank you for sharing.
    Beth (and Dave)


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