Saturday, May 8, 2010


Inside the Coliseum

At Augustus' house (not sure which Augustus) - it has great views of the city

At the Forum - Very large marble temple (not really sure if it was a temple or not -Temporio was the Latin word, so I'm assuming that means temple)

We like the background for this picture, the pretty flowers and hill - also at the Forum

This picture was taken at the Roman Forum

Once again the morning was overcast, but by 11 the sun came out and it really warmed up. We started at the Coliseum and actually toured the inside. It really is massive! It held up to 70, 000 people. It was completed in 80 AD. It took 10 years to build. It really is impressive. We then walked to over to the Roman Forum and Palantine Hill area. We really enjoyed all of the views of the city and surrounding hills. We at at a little outdoor restaurant again. We came back to our hotel for a little break and then will get back out in a little bit.

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