Sunday, May 9, 2010


Fiat Panda

One of the lakes we stopped at - Lago di Bolsegna

Lago di Bolsegna

Taken while in the car

Car still moving

I love this picture!

View of Tuscany during drive -from our car, so not the greatest quality

Picture from our car, also. Beautiful hill covered in yellow flowers

This is the view from our room. It's a cute little park

Just as we were leaving our hotel to get out and explore the city, this "group" came marching by with flags and drums

Il Duomo - the church is nearly all black and white marble. Michelangelo and Bernini did many of the sculptures inside

Sitting at Il Campo eating gelato

Happy Mother's Day!
We left Rome this morning and picked up our rental car and headed for Siena. We took highways and back roads rather than taking the toll road and it ended up taking an extra hour and a half, but it was completely worth it. Brian did most of the driving, but I pitched in and drove for 30 min to say I drove in Tuscany, but then at a stop light I killed it and Brian panicked and jumped out of the car and ran around and made me get out and he took over. He was nervous most of the drive. We got to stop several times and take pictures and it took us by 3 lakes. We got here at 3 pm and checked into our hotel. It's really nice and has a terrace with amazing views. WE LOVE TUSCANY! We loved Rome, but love the views and laid back atmosphere here. We are trying to put the volcano out of our mind, everyone here is talking about all the flights that have been cancelled. Hopefully it'll be clear again in a week. We met a nice American couple and young woman from Australia today and sat with them on the terrace and enjoyed the evening.

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  1. So happy you are having a good time. Tuscany is amazing! Talk to locals for good restaurant ideas! And eat as much gelato as you can!


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