Tuesday, May 11, 2010


Raining in this picture

Beth -you are right. These interesting little fountains really are safe.

We were standing on 1 of the 400 bridges in Venice

It was sprinkling in this picture

This was a really cute little alleyway

I love this picture


The Rialto Bridge at sunset

The Rialto Bridge

At The Rialto Bridge - the weather cleared up

We arrived in Venice today. We drove up from Siena. It was an interesting/not so much fun drive. We initially had our GPS set to avoid toll roads and it said it was going to take 6 hours, which we were shocked and disappointed. After half an hour, we messed with it and realized the issue and re-set it and it made us turn around and go back to where we started, so we ended up losing an hour. When we got to Venice 4 hours later, our GPS suddenly did not recognize our current road, so we had to try and navigate on our own for a little while, then it suddenly synced up. We took a much needed break in our hotel for a little bit, then headed over the island. When we left, it was overcast, then it started drizzling, then it started sprinkling, then it rained for a while. Finally, after a little while, it stopped raining, but we were ready to get back to our hotel. I really like Venice, but think I would love it if the weather can hold off. We ran into several sweet little dogs and had to give them all attention, and we kept saying how much we miss Peyton and Charlie.

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