Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Wednesday Venice

Fish Market

It was really fascinating watching this guy cut the fish - perfect precision

Taken from The Rialto Bridge

This flower smelled just like a lilac, but the leaves are off- not sure what it is, but it smelled so nice

It was really bright

Trattoria where we ate lunch


Murano Island

This horse was completed a couple of minutes ago, but was still very, very hot!

Today has been great!! We have really enjoyed Venice. This has been the most beautiful day, yet - 75 and sunny! Although the forecast this morning said 100% chance of rain today. I should be an European meteorologist, they have been wrong every single day. We had such a great time wandering around checking everything out. There was a fruit, vegetable, herb, and fish market this morning. The fruits, herbs, and vegetables smelled amazing. After lunch we went over to Murano Island. Most things on the island are closed on Wednesdays, so we only saw 1 glass blower, but it was well worth the trip. Glass blowing is so fascinating. We ended up buying a splurge item. I'm excited we bought it, but also was not prepared to spend that much money. We bought a pendant light. Eventually we are going to re-model our half bathroom and decided that we will base the color scheme off of it. We agreed that it will add some character to our house. We came back to our hotel to rest a little bit and then will go back out tonight. Venice has exceeded our expectations.

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  1. I am loving reading all about your trip! So much fun to hear all about your experiences!!! Hope you make it home safely and on schedule, but if not - just take it as a sign from God that you need to spend more time in Europe! Not a bad place to be stranded!!! XOXO!


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