Monday, May 31, 2010

Happy Memorial Day

One of my Day Lillies

Flag Dessert Pizza - Yes, I made that

Before Todd & Kristin's cookout

Micki & Shawn


Todd & Kristin's backyard turned into a dog park
Chris  and David

Virginia & Patrick

Ryan & Erin

Kristin "The Dog Lover"

Amanda & Chris

Our lovely hosts:  Todd & Kristin

Thank you to everyone who is currently serving and who has served in our military.  We're thankful for you.  

We've had a really nice weekend (except when I worked on Saturday).  Yesterday our dear friends Todd and Kristin hosted a cookout.  It's always a lot of fun hanging out with everybody.  Great atmosphere and great food!  I'm sorry I didn't get pictures of everyone, I thought about it after a few couples had left -sorry Adam and Julia, David and Lisa, Shaylin and Jenny.  We love all of you.  Thanks for a great time. 

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